In the pure and fresh and dessert in the mug

Cold winter that tempts people most easily, at that time some personal exclusive small dessert perfect, not only happiness peaks, and the weight just good also let you don’t have to worry about the problem of excessive calorie intake.Introduce the five mugs dessert today, materials and practices is very simple, let small make up of universal microwave oven again feel admire!
1. Avoid using Peanut Butter Cake flour (Flourless Peanut Butter keller Cake)
The flour, butter, both healthy and delicious recipes, super easy just put the material into the cup stir well and then into the microwave oven for about 1 ~ 2 minutes you can enjoy!If you want to taste more levels, also can add caramel on the cake.
Rich polybasic cheesecake is supposed to be one of the many girls love desserts, but his hand is really not easy to do it, not only material is various, and takes a lot of time baking, but this is a microwave cake recipe eggs can be made of cheese completely subvert the everyone’s impression, the following materials evenly mixed in the cup, then into the microwave oven, just can be completed in just a minute and a half!(every 30 seconds can be suspended, the material evenly stirring again)
Chocolate is probably one of the most have the healing effect of food!Just completed the brownie with the heat of the warm, enjoy is the most suitable for but in winter.First the dry ingredients and wet ingredients evenly mixed after respectively, then the fusion and stir well, after the completion of the microwave before 30 seconds, make sure there’s no high temperature let brownie occurrence blowout situation, turn every 10 seconds pause after confirmation, the whole process about 60 seconds.

BB cream CC cream OUT

Getting out of the “successor” long legs penetrating Obama FASHION unstoppable, Europe and the goddess of love and a role of the distance between the nerve of the female also is not a BB cream, CC, or some other letter already can cover off.Goddess of pure is born, it is natural.They don’t need to conceal flaws, of course, their color of skin evenly white and clean, the goddess of beauty world the nerve of the female is not understand, but I understand.
In the traditional sense, the goddess of the “natural” need to occupy the time a little less than heavy make-up.It’s like students bully crestfallen when out of the examination room complaining about not review the day before.The goddess to the by the beauty of tolerance, however, nature should be the nature of the “naked makeup master” pursues the naked, hence “not bottom makeup series” BB cream and CC frost hit already a long time.Can, since 2013, has a wonderful series of air cushion foundation gradually gradually west wind over the east wind, upstaged frost went to the letter.A small cushion of light makeup “breathing” lets the nerves of the female 1 minute change “curtilage male and female,” god, what magical about it?Signing for estee lauder brand cosmetics skincare experts, then travelled to Japan and South Korea protect skin, hair and beauty means, studying course, multiple communication and cooperation with the local beauty institutions.After returning sums up its own set of beauty &skin care new theory, only wish you more beautiful!”Breathe air cushion makeup” origin is a European country.It is indeed a sponge cushion type powder coagulate frost, the main of the new concept of “breathing”.Break through the traditional pattern of foundation, analog honeycomb honey storage principle, will be locked in a myriad of fine powder frost hole sponge cushion powder core, block defect, adjust the skin color, hidden pores, create air in bare makeup effects, the design and easy to carry, can makeup makeup anytime and anywhere.To quickly create Korean naked makeup.
Clever air cushion design is very fun.Open the moment see is sponge cartridges, only gently press the sponge, there is product overflow.Is such a kind of special design, the presence of air cushion makeup.Not only that, the double container also can isolate hot, if use in the summer, can immediately lower the temperature of the skin, winter will have very good use the same makeup effect.Because of the air cushion foundation is unique, so its powder puff and unique design.Compared with general powder puff, stronger sense of its moisture absorption, can dip in with better take products, let moisture feeling passed directly to the skin, and will not easily change color, more clean, it also makes the powder puff sponge soft feeling also reduces the daub on the stimulation of the skin, due to its good ductility, need only a little at a time, you can apply the whole face, so better to build water embellish naked makeup effect.
Using air cushion foundation of notice:
Before using air cushion foundation, for the skin care also don’t ignore oh, toner, essence, cream, isolation, when the skin tone to a good state, can make subsequent makeup look more fully and perfect.Evening makeup work also cannot careless, use again good bottom makeup also must remove clean oh.

Stud earrings mashup tide Are you still in pairs?

In spring 2015 fashion show, Oscar DE la Renta, Louis Vuitton and Nina Ricci brand, demonstrated for us this kind of novel fashion stud earrings mix build agitation.Before spring comes, we are prepared ahead of time, as soon as possible let oneself of some can perfect mixing together of stud earrings.Look, this is super interesting mashup games debut.Oscar DE la Renta 2015 chun xia series exaggerated petal type asymmetric earrings in the red, green, comparing the two kinds of bold color color asymmetry through the unification of the shape to achieve the harmony on the vision.Louis Vuitton 2015 chun xia series asymmetric shell earrings bring pure and fresh and Marine amorous feelings, all sizes of modelling design is more interesting.Don’t need too much, as long as the two selected shape, size is slightly different earrings can light up the whole modelling.Nina Ricci 2015 spring and summer fruit shape asymmetry earrings is bold and novelty, through comparing the size of form adding modelling.Different color, modelling design is more fun.

In the twelfth month of the customs, you know?Still not quick with small down

Childhood rhyme of sung like this: “the children don’t you admire, laba is years.”Before thirty, prayers for the New Year, in fact, every day has exquisite, however, those who have the custom of old tell son you know?Don’t be busy to eat, why to drink eat laba porridge TangGua?Today, you will with a Lao Lao.
Key words: the day 】 【 laba laba rice porridge/bubble/laba garlic vinegar
As the saying goes “laba is years”.Play the laba festival began, I entered a year, the laba festival this day people will sacrifice to ancestors and gods, pray for a harvest and good luck.So in the one million head, start with a bowl of laba porridge.Mention “laba festival”, however, blink first thought is probably most people’s mind “laba porridge”.It is said that Chinese drink laba rice porridge has one thousand years of history.First began in the song dynasty, the custom has been delayed To continue in one thousand The earliest to feed the poor.
If the Chinese New Year is a symphony, then the laba festival is the first chapter “prelude”.And laba porridge is also called rice porridge, and “mixed”, “sweet” contains auspicious meaning, in the “five tastes”, contains a “bitter taste”, and “sweet”, this is the place where and the laba festival is associated with poor, slowly transformed into today of folk custom.

Beauty new skills White eyeliner is covered by black rim of the eye

Again how to put one false eyelash, 3, 4 layer bright lip color again how, is not a perfect bottom makeup can eliminate black rim of the eye, can make you seem in high spirits, YOKA fashion network tell you four simple steps, let you black rim of the eye.Is not the kind of block defect of traditional methods:
Is not the kind with a lot of concealer, his eyes with white, simply tell everyone you are very serious black rim of the eye, with bad whole face also looks dirty, below this recruit must learn.
Minimalist 4 steps black rim of the eye to eliminate:
Step 1: the concealer along with box bone besmear in little ways.
Step 2: V block defect, to use the yellow hue, zygomatic below the eye use the peach tone, then two color evenly.
Step 3: white eyeliner besmear next eyelash (including inner liner), using the brush divide evenly.
Step 4: using black mascara over white eyeliner.
Using color tricks to black rim of the eye disappear!
If the skin is not much of a problem, as long as the condition of the eyes of good every day, on the other parts as long as an isolated actually is enough, but also more won’t give a person a face of thick makeup false face, tomorrow to try these 4 steps!

Dream bigger live harder Style is popular Don’t let with lower your grade

Lifts a idol TV series “why sheng’s xiao” boom, the girls love more than crazy how the processing is fancied himself into dream bigger live harder then a vigorous love.And dream bigger live harder in drama literature, female the style of the wind Also become nowadays is to follow the trend, in the search for tiffany tang on a treasure with money suddenly jump out numerous and the modelling design is the same clothes, ranging from dozens to hundreds of prices, but quality also cans be imagined, so the editor felt to rescue people in distress, so don’t wear the same Style make sheng Style.
See girl “why sheng’s xiao” in addition to memories of why dream bigger live harder with his love of the tiffany tang dress collocation also become the focus of attention, a lot of people to define the style of the dream bigger live harder when female wind, but the editor thought with return product nature of literature and art to define more apt, is actually a simple long t-shirts or shirts with leggings or elegant dress collocation of white sneakers, color is given priority to with plaid or white.Throughout the popular trend of spring and summer of 2015, dress become mainstream, and the color is given priority to with the earth color, white and grey blue, no ornate decoration and design, main comfortable socialist nature.

Neck than face ten years old?True goddess in the neck

Always afraid of his age faster, and more than a stripe, but ignores the other parts of the maintenance?Especially in the neck, often exposed to others, within the scope of the line of sight and the easiest way to sell your maintenance condition!When it comes to the neck and maintenance, but a lot of stars lying a gun.Although the face is pretty, but to move down the line of sight will find human is will have a flaw.The modern people under so much pressure in life should be how to maintain the neck?Neck grain formation is mostly affected by the acquired factors, according to different reasons, the neck lines can be roughly divided into skin fold type grain and connective tissue atrophy type two kinds of grain, but whatever kind of neck lines and maintenance habits and living habits of the intimate relationship.Neck lines once formed, it is hard to heal it, like a blank sheet of paper folding and difficult to recover, in that case, nip in the bud is king.Because the neck sebaceous glands, less so easy to appear the phenomenon of dry skin.At this point, you can try to use natural or avocado oil, olive oil painted directly on the neck, make dry skin maintenance.But before daub it, need to put these skincare friction palms to warm, and then to the gesture from down to up, gently apply on.

The love feeling in the wrist watch Boho wind

Vanessa Hudgens (Vanessa Hudgens) with boyfriend Austin Butler (Austin Butler) is a small princess “black hair”, is a tall blond man, Boho wind and cortex on the table for two complement each other.Will the love feeling embodied in the wrist, must go to the table mix build Boho wind.BOHO inherited the Bohemian style is pure and lovely rustic style, more color of hippies.Embroidered flowers open collar ma3 jia3, exotic style bold decorations, with a small fur boots or round shoes everywhere, sending out the breath of mature charm and enthusiastic.Vanessa Hudgens (Vanessa Hudgens) a Bohemian dress up, her boyfriend Austin Butler (Austin Butler), is a hip-hop style.Also go gorgeous “Boho wind” two people, to watch nature and gorgeous jewelry collocation can have the effect of mixing together.Since BOHO style is messy and along with the gender, so how to reflect the two people in love feeling?The secret in the consistency of color piece.Vanessa have blue hot pants, Austin have blue print and blue TOD’s shoes and should, Austin, wearing a blue leather strap gold wrist watch dial, Vanessa will wear golden closed-loop and bracelet.This is two people’s tacit understanding, every little bit from the details.The simplest BOHO couples tees in style, is like Vanessa and Austin, a person’s clothing color upside down, up and down, in turn, wear in the body.Dark blue and white three color method can also create a large coffee feeling!Beads with the wrist watch is a piece of my heart, whether both separate wear like Austin, or worn together on one hand, will give modelling gives a LEVEL!

European castle travel

The castle, as a symbol of European history, and almost as strong and old church, silence in the modern hustle and bustle.Perhaps, not as the magnificent church, it was more mysterious than the church.Small make up take you into Europe’s top ten most beautiful castle.Two of the most famous castle in Germany another, Ludwig ii’s masterpiece.Crown has a European castle.New swan fort overlooking, at present was by the method of erg lake, al of the high Alps and Phillip Mao scenery.Because of its beautiful and noble temperament, also referred to as “the most close to the fairy tale place”.But also because of the castle took ministers and local lords too much money, the people unite will waste ding and exiled Ludwig ii, finally drown him in tarn berger’s lake.French famous monuments and the holy land, is located in a small island manche, two miles from the shore.The most spectacular, tapered on the top of the mountain st Michael’s church buildings than on which it exists, and diameter of about 1 km of the hill is nearly two times higher!On the top of the gothic church spire towering, golden statue of st. Michael armed with a sword pointing to the sky.The ashes into the fairyland general.One of Germany’s most famous two castle, witnessed the hohenzollern family’s glorious history.

Shower makeup of acne acne four SINS you made

Used for a variety of methods to prevent long blain blain on the face or off guard take several single bag?Not you didn’t pay attention, but some details you do wrong!Four big reasons for acne: makeup while taking a bath
There are a lot of friend will choose in the shower or bath wash a face with makeup.Especially in the bathtub, with much more special bacteria.When you wash your face with makeup, will these new bacteria and dependent on the skin.
So, we should wash a face to the stage now unloaded clean face after a bath.The commode and separate bathroom or there is a reason!
Four big reasons for acne: fog + mask is not clean
Long blain blain and a key reason, that is “smog”!As serious as now the fog days, the dust in the air, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, organic hydrocarbons such as particle concentrations are high.The dust particles will no doubt increase pore jams, and thus become one of the reasons for the growth of acne.
Fog, we will be wearing a mask.Repeated use of masks, damp and hot gas will make masks of bacteria increase!Sometimes even let the already have acne face, the situation worse.
So it’s best to take disposable masks or disinfected regularly!