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The skin around the eye is the thinnest part of the whole body skin (thickness degrees is the 1/3 of facial skin), its water retention is extremely fragile, the external environment is deprived of its water.Eye skin and subcutaneous tissue containing a few elastic fiber, high frequent blinking can lead to eye skin formation of fine lines, wrinkles over time will be.

Eye care products, different in the morning and night
For the rhythm of the metabolism of skin morning and evening and absorptive capacity, should choose different effect respectively in the morning and evening eye skin care products.
* can choose soft gel condensation in the morning, strong penetration, focusing on the added loss of moisture in the day, and activate the skin;
* at night with nourishing ingredients, such as collagen, vitamin E eye cream, its rich nutrition and barrier property is strong, suitable for dry skin, eye essence when necessary to render, carefully massage gently pat, can make eye skin get sufficient rest and maintenance.When daub, use the soft ring finger.
* in the end, it is necessary to use 2-3 times per week to moisten eye mask, concentrated “supplements” for skin around eyes, the perfect time to grasp the three supplements: one week after the menstrual cycle, at this time in vivo female hormone secretion exuberant, apply at this moment, the most effective;The bath, can through the hot gas, accelerate circulation;Before I go to bed, let nutrients in your sleep.

OL will see: eight life, raise the little trick

Trick 1 for a cup of green tea after dinner
Dr Nicholas is a famous British anti-aging expert, has written the book secrets cleansing.Beautiful, he thought, from the body, which we eat food every day is the key factor that makes us look more beautiful.
“The beauty of my favorite food is the green salad, olive oil, lemon juice.”Dr Nicholas said.In addition, he suggested that drinking a cup of green tea after a meal, rather than the coffee, because it contains a healthy acid and protein.

Autumn skin supplements “medicine”

Chinese medicine has been: Yang chun xia, ying Yin.Our skin also need to change according to the season to get a rest and recharge.Along with the arrival of the dry autumn, how to skin supplements?Fill too much, too much of a good thing, the skin do not absorb easily grow adipose bead.Wrong, gratuitous waste of energy, appear even bad consequences.YOKA for your special skin autumn supplements Chinese prescription “medicine”, let you cover science, beautiful harvest.
Chinese prescription supplements of three “medicine”
Ginseng fill gas
As is known to all, since ancient times, ginseng has been an expensive medicinal herbs, edible can fill in yiqi, runfei fluid and promote blood circulation, and enhance the body resistance, delay aging.In recent years, the ginseng is used in the beauty, let skin care, because of its strong antioxidant ability and attention.Not only that, the ginseng extract also has fade wrinkles, promote the blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, such as multiple effect, can effectively regulate the skin, restore its state of health in light.
Angelica blood
The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, angelica gan, xin, sex, blood activating blood, QuYu the effect of the new born, due to blood deficiency caused by poor complexion has good curative effect.Long-term use of angelica ingredients, can make facial skin ruddy color.In the skin supplements, beauty to raise colour effect excellent angelica nature also can’t miss.
Yi hydra
Compared with lots of expensive rare medicinal herbs, yi, though the price is not high, but it itself is the moist skin, whitening hydra, qi and activating blood, regulate the menstrual function analgesic efficacy is very outstanding.Applied to the skin, not only has natural whitening effect, more can improve the skin metabolism and moisturizing function, effectively prevent skin dryness.

Just know, originally the Turkish cuisine also can be so bold and unrestrained!

Mention passionate Turkey, the first thought is the famous national Turkey barbecue.Its characteristic is to highlight the raw material (mainly meat and dairy products) natural flavor, pay attention to original and with butter, olive oil, salt, onion, garlic, spices and lemon juice.Turkish people love to eat, it is with China, French famous gourmet power, but it seems beyond Turkey barbecue, not many people know about its food.Let the tip of the tongue you introduce Turkish cuisine for you!Breakfast is one of the traditional Turkey, beat the egg and mix with all kinds of vegetables after boiled down to a dip, shakily crisp bread.This is a traditional staple food made of beef or lamb Turkey, often balling or pie.It can match the sandwiches, also can match salad, also can match the salty sweet yogurt of Turkey.Turkey dumplings at first glance and wonton is similar, but more unique flavor and taste, more for spicy minced beef or lamb meat, boiled or Fried after with Turkey’s salty sweet yogurt, or butter.The Turkish cuisine is famous in the world, it is the most traditional slow bake complete sheep, often with rice or potatoes, and Turkish yogurt.

How to wear to live up to the thigh?

Both the south and the north, unless you live in the tropics, in winter there is a kind of experience: long Johns are most at ease in socks only.But for the sake of poise, there are a group of girls don’t temperature, to look at to give up long Johns, what should you wear to worth thighs trembling in the wind.There is a cold call to forget to wear long Johns.Like you, we this group “for the sake of beauty desperately” fashion editor will also is a “wind”, talk about “cold”.Today we selected 12 out of the difficulty coefficient is low, and almost everyone can control the modelling of winter.Are you ready to standing in the wind?Small make up the “forget to wear long Johns” is divided into four levels, from low to high respectively for girls is introduced, each kind of level of specific wear build, looked at the young woman love the cold resistance coefficient of according to oneself, choose to suit your own level.Grace is good, but don’t catch cold.Wear a pair of boots, just show a thigh to practice, should be not wear long Johns difficulty coefficient of the smallest in the series.Because most of the long boots will wind with your legs separated, have played an important role in keeping warm.So as long as the body is tie-in, this is quite worthy of recommendation.Tie-in tips: boots in the whole look accounted for a large proportion, so it is very important to the collocation of the upper part, not too fancy and must have administrative levels feeling.Such as tie-in long fleece or big this year heat Bubbery shawl wool cloak, with smooth thighs put on your boots, not only ensure the temperature, and wear out of the beautiful.Resist the chill, take off warm long Johns, put on thin trousers, on the streets in the winter, the most thin legs must belong to you.You see a supermodel Miranda Kerr, wearing only a layer of leather pants out of the street, the relic of thin legs?Look at the Edge to the sunglasses hipsters, her cold resistance coefficient is no supermodel so strong, although is only a layer of pants, but found no, that’s a velvet fabric, really afraid of the cold sister can choose a pair of trousers for this again forget to wear long Johns.Sheet is tasted like leather pants, light material is very cool, so keep coat collocation must also similarly high-profile style, a bright orange coat in this autumn and winter will certainly let you become a scenery line in the street.The difficulty coefficient of the upgrade again!From trousers became “as thin as cicada” silk stockings, this isn’t anyone dare to try, if the knee joint or bad sister sister of varicose veins are so “spell” is not recommended.If you have enough “yong”, dare to take the bull by the horns “spell” to show the beautiful leg curve, it might as well try a colored silk stockings.Although ordinary black socks wear is good, but in this dull winter, why not to challenge people’s attention to try the color of the colorful?For medicine, wear colored leg socks don’t match short boots, or it will show like a potted plant or a handstand ham sausage.Is frenzied, can put people goose bumps were blown out in the cold wind had nothing to cover, also a drive skirt, no hard perseverance girls or choose.But lose temperature for grace is extraordinary, and elegant in take bit of dust, the mavericks with some fashion (weibo), especially on the left side of the feather skirt collocation, praise.Since all have already be dew leg, that will be of the beautiful, elegant chiffon skirt is a good choice.Or is a unique decorative pattern cloth skirt collocation long wool coat, don’t want to be personable are difficult.

Short term rapid maintenance The most suitable for OL artifact in the skin

All kinds of overtime at the end of the sprint to the exhaustion of body and mind, neglect of OL people emerges, how to leave skin vigor in a short time?Some maintain article really can instantly make you confident.At the end of a variety of summary, strong performance, evaluation…Busy, also follow pressure skin, acne, the phenomenon of oil, dark, dry lines followed, too busy to do maintenance of OL people can pay attention to, if let this bad skin bottom go to, when you have time to care has bad remedy!In fact, recent newly listed a few skin care product can help you, you just need to maintain links with a little attention on a daily basis point can work!Some people blindly advertising propaganda, replace a full set of maintain article on time all the year round, sometimes can accelerate skin discomfort instead more sensitive issues.Not every type of skin can adapt to all kinds of maintenance component, if you want to change, also want to change one by one, instead of a complete set of all change, for sensitive skin, any new maintenance components are likely to generate excitement for your skin, once you find the products suitable for your skin had better not to change easily, even if the change can also be from the same brand products in search of complement or substitute.

The rice Nutrition delicious parade

Increasingly rich ingredients market, make the Chinese market of rice from “xia thick enough” to high-quality rice.Just as consumers, we still have a concern: food safety problems, in this era of lack of leading rice brand, we choose the rice brand is safe?Organic rice really so magical?Rice wine from south to north, the production of rice flavor which cooking methods should be used to reflect?As “rice” as a traditional staple food of Chinese, how can I make a bowl of delicious rice?
Nutrition taste great contrast
A little grain of rice, in fact, have knowledge greatly.Some soft entrance, some texture strong;Some dry granulating, some sticky soft sweet waxy.Rice right across from cool to subtropical climate, growth from Asia to Europe and around the meters have distinguishing feature each, of course, very different.So how to make rice taste better, we need to treat difference characteristics.
Thai rice
The real Thai rice, refers to jasmine fragrant rice.Jasmine rice grain is the feature of long and thin, looks crystal clear, grain soft, slightly bent and palate soft and smooth.Thailand’s latitude, geographical environment, climate, determines the produce of rice moisture content less than 14%.So the Thai rice fragrant delicious, soft palate.Thai rice texture because of Thai rice amylose content is low.The low amylose content of high decision rice degree of hard and soft after cooking.The lower is more soft, more smooth.
Measure the quality of Thai rice generally based on the following three indicators:
1. The total grain appearance should be slim.
2. The intact of the average length of the whole grain of not less than 7 mm, the average width not less than 3 mm.
3. Rice a year, advantageous geographical environment produce the best quality rice.Broken rate less than 4.5%.
Thai rice had better eat stewed with or Fried to eat
Thai rice milled.Common such slender shape, milled and silk from China guangdong seedlings in rice and rice in China.Such meters less viscous, used to cook porridge, easy to shatter, oil shortage.If it is braised rice words can reflect the characteristics of Thai rice: easy bibulous, purplish, soft palate, the aroma is dye-in-the-wood.
1. According to the amount of rice and water after put rice in rice cooker.(1.2 to 1.5 1 cup of rice and a cup of water)
2. In the process of cooking, be careful not to open the pot or rice, stir to keep fragrance.
3. After the cooked rice will be fragrant, taste soft waxy.
To make the Fried rice from Thailand rice is good also, because the Thai rice moisture content is low, won’t have too much in the process of Fried rice with water overflow, can maintain complete degree of grain, dry fragrance entrance.
Note: purchase
Authentic import origin packing Thai rice, bags on there must be a green circle logo, inside with spikes, mark a line under the English word mother: THAIHOMMAILRICE, the ministry of commerce of Thailand “jasmine fragrant rice” registered trademark.Thai rice with purity of 80% and 92%, according to the provisions of the Thai government, more than 92% purity can only be marked with the words “rice” jasmine.Registered in the country, the repackaging of Thai rice, also can pack the goods with original bag.

Break down 12 kinds of refined taste dumplings

Chinese people always is plain, is to lead their own festival, the Lantern Festival comes, of course, want to eat dumplings to represent the happy reunion.But we didn’t love simple, hidebound, so tangyuan has a variety of different flavors, different ways, recommended 12 kinds of taste delicious dumplings Lantern Festival, full of species is enough to make you more than twelve months of the year are there are surprises in the simple, also hope that this is everybody’s feelings portrayal in the year to come.
Nice surprise
A snow, is dumplings white outer layer, and is the inner lining of the carbon burning chocolate filling, tangyuan flavor is thick, so with a fresh rose soup base, a mouthful of soup, a mouthful of sweet dumpling, is the best to eat.

DIY six energy meal qiu dong

This qiu dong, let meal delicious and easy to make fresh energy bring you warm, improve health and vigor.
Again the radish
The characteristics of energy: moisten dryness
Proverb says “eat radish ginseng”, dry winter, dispelling fire of radish is the most fresh healthy, delicious, is suitable for thirst quenching, phlegm cough, runfei dry.In addition, carrot contains rich vitamin, and can promote digestion, qi, then.
Ingredients: green radish 100 grams, 25 g flour, 50 grams of raw powder, crispy Fried powder, 20 g
1. Wash the green radish baguette slices after it.
2. The flour, starch, crispy Fried powder blend to add water, tune into a paste.
3. Add carrot slices, even wrapped after the batter into the pan, Fried to golden dish up.
4. Add pepper, dry lobster sauce, stir well plate.

Don’t take sandwiches meal

We recommend to you a few different than in the supermarket to buy a sandwich, but sufficient nutrition can take sandwiches for dinner.Crudo sandwiches / 30 yuan
Crudo is a made the feast for the eyes of the Italian Ciabatta bread sandwiches, Chinese name is Italian parma ham with cheese and tomato sandwich.One of the most popular game in the Panino Teca sandwiches, Crudo is hot, crisp, fresh, cheap and delicious, Ciabatta bread and parma ham are authentic Italian imports, so its original flavor.
“Ciabatta represents one kind of bread shaped, rather than a specific bread” – this shape is you wear slippers.It flour + olive oil, divide into two kinds of sweet and sour taste, general is dipped in olive oil and black pepper to eat: pianpian thin, long, long elliptic, floating on the surface of a thin frost, is indeed a slipper impressionist.Not from China to find a similar food to it, almost can be associated with a very long history with the stove to make long baked wheat cake, “the end of a whore”, is slotted the appearance of a shoe, but much thinner “at the end of a whore”.
Crudo is made of the hot cut Ciabatta, immersed in the original imported Italian parma ham, cheese, tomato, cucumber, cheese, all kinds of fresh green lettuce, 2 minutes to prepare, in Italian dish, look at the content rich and thick enough, so the price of 30 yuan than others can let a person feel very kind.All the vegetables are guaranteed to be new collected some samples in the day, there won’t be completely goofing off.While making flour entirely imported Italian Ciabatta, in order to ensure that betray yisiyihao Ciabatta Italian flavor, all the day eating bread baked good at 3 a.m. in the day, about 200 every day.Finished crispy flesh crisp taste epithelium, and fluffy porous, parma ham with exotic magic meat is sweet, it is the day to do fresh hot, completely different from the United States and other regional cold sandwiches, so can meet most of the Chinese people don’t like cold food eating habits.
And another highlight in the Crudo parma ham, is the essence of Italian ham, the main production in the Italian parma province city of 33, because of the apennines blowing sea breeze from the sea to its unique flavor and mystery, so in other parts of the world want to copy all ended in failure.Parma producing method is: first, put the ham in a spacious room with cross ventilation for a period of time, and then on the constant temperature place 10-14 months, will last a long horse spicule insert the middle of the ham, nose to smell judge of it.Only through the inspection of finished products can engrave with five points that read “PARMA” fire seal circle.In traditional way, with a long knife cut a thin slice, and bread and bread to eat.And now with special machine can also cut out the soft thin ham.Parma taste smooth but not greasy, fat but not greasy, protein content is much higher than beef, and are rich in iron, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins.