Lunch is not in a hurry 10 ways to enjoy an office worker

For office workers have to eat out at noon, at noon to eat what has become one of little silent tangle events every day. Where to eat? What to eat? And who eat? Experts say, lunch is the most important meal of the day – we need to use good food reward overworked the morning of the body, also need enough nutrition for the body can bear more than four hours of office work in the afternoon. How to let oneself feel satisfied, at the same time benefit health? About the working lunch, I have you do as a career gens necessary to understand the health law.

Cook a good life Ham and winter melon old duck soup

Old duck pot is southern food, cultured is fragrant, mellow and not greasy, is clear, and send a fire runfei, four seasons all appropriate.
Zhou said his favourite drink huaiyang cuisine ham wax gourd soup in old duck soup, ham salty sweet drink the sweet white gourd, deserve to go up again duck, can good, runfei, the most suitable; in summer and autumnAt the same time, he can’t give up the old in hangzhou duck pot, collocation is jiangsu native dried bamboo shoot, there are a thin oil layer duck, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, aroma assail, own a reassuring warmth.
Remember a few years ago, but my body is weak, and easily lose our temper, an old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and wrote a mother duck pot recipes, he says, the autumn with rich nutrition, rich in protein, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., and cold, the most suitable person body heat, is especially necessary to raise colour effect for women.
Old duck cooked in clay pot is not difficult, but if you want to pay attention to the old duck pot nutrition and taste, temperature is the key.According to nutritionists, chicken duck meat food in the cooking process, needs to be the fat and protein quality fully decomposition, this not only taste crisp and easy to eat, soup is delicious taste is mellow, is easy to absorb.Especially the whole duck soup, stew temperature to 82 ℃, the thickest flesh will is done.Therefore, a tasty and camp have both old duck pot, must at constant temperature, it slowly, can not be impatient, pay attention to is kung fu.
While old duck cooking ingredients have different preference, preference for huaiyang delicate flavors of wax gourd can match the ham, with hangzhou alcohol can compensate dried bamboo shoot and not be bored with, or try to guangdong herbal soup, add gingko nuts, dried tangerine or orange peel, Chinese flowering quince, straight ladybell, jade bamboo, is especially suitable for women.
This winter I did two homely old duck pot, is a kind of acid turnip with a pot, add the salted pickled radish, mother sent taste simple vigorous, although not as good as Mr Zhang old duck pot that glitters, but there is a miss home township;The other is a sour papaya old duck pot, friends heard of my family have rheumatism, papaya, brought back from yunnan shangri-la acid taste fragrance, is saturated with deep friendship.

In 2010, Jingguang Shanghai traditional food revolution

To draw a line under a year, family reunion dinner is always for a geely.You can keep the traditional, put those nostalgic flavor please serve, bacon, preserved duck, ham, rice pudding, aged oil fragrance reminds you more childhood memories.You also can be initiated in the New Year, your own wasn’t revolution – bought novel ingredients feeling fresh taste, or old new, lets the home people refreshing taste;Complete for old year to a mood Cleaning, by the way, could you also treat yourself to the tongue.Recalling the past year, suantiankula have to swallow, is always clear and sweet aftertaste, than immersed in the memories, not just begin from last year’s last meal “revolution”.
Shou sui Vs popular Beijing warmth
Recalling article
Family reunion dinner is divided into two major trends in Beijing, for a Beijing native, indispensable in the traditional family reunion dinner is dumplings.From the most ordinary pork cabbage to crab roe and pipi shrimps in it.New Year’s day, will investigate or miss such food, miss when I was a child looked at dumplings floating up slowly from the boiling water, rounded belly to lie down on the surface of the water, and then scoop out is a sweet, bite flow of oil.Chinese people for the complex of the dumpling is probably for the vision of a happy life, family reunion.Almost every restaurant selling traditional dumplings on this day as the eve of the finale.Such as the small pavilion or da dong in restaurant, also introduced the traditional family reunion dinner on that day.And the feast in xiangshan (fragrant hill business street, haidian district, 15 b) is the small restaurant, occupies a unique geographical advantage, will the house gas into the courtyard of the old entrance to architecture, and is equipped with different style rooms, very suitable for festive atmosphere.The small pavilion is not old, but in the eyes of love to eat from Beijing, is a shiny golden signboard, line from the Broadway store daily posture will show how the business is thriving.And the feast at the entrance of xiangshan business street, a much greater scale than a small pavilion.

Marks &spencer m&s launched a new series of 2014 autumn winters

As a tribute to London fashion week, Marks &spencer m&s on Sept. 20 in vodafone London fashion weekend activity brings an exciting fashion show, activity in London fashion week, the official site at the somerset centre, will be the main trend of qiu dong series 2014 with the main modelling of men’s and women’s collections exciting show.Martha each big stores will come out during the same period of China, London fashion weekend special products, for domestic customers show runway glamour.
Marks &spencer m&s new 2014 qiu dong series
In 2014 autumn and winter series, Marks &spencer m&s introduced a new Angle of view, its background of downy and tonal, all exhibit elegant version and minimalist aesthetics.Soft pink color as main color this season, rich layers of neutral colors gray and costly sense more complements the composition of the beauty.Elegant cornflower blue, gray, clove purple and crimson hue are elegant temperament adds lively bright color coat, redefining the classic design.Soft color and full of sense of fair maiden color color piece and strewn at random have the contour shape in contrast to the abstract, printing design bold structure is adopted.Luxury jewelry color and metal color jacquard luster for the winter decadent mood bring visual rhythm.Deep feeling is the key to different series of 2014 autumn winters, amorous feelings of leather and colorful artificial fur level contrast, dotted with luxurious decoration and vivid printing, create a collage of extremely rich simple sense and stylish art.
Unique design embodies the unique understanding of the demand for modern women, at the same time stressed the Marks &spencer m&s to modern design, bold innovation and the single-minded pursuit of excellent quality.2014 qiu dong series will be listed on the major stores in mid-september.
Contracted costly
This is the most pure luxury interpretation, the soft structure and delicate version to converge in a minimalist design, elegant temperament.Dark brown with warm gray to create the warm background color, also add a subtle neutral flavor.Fun pastel shades and metallic mixed each other, to create elegant Mod – Esque design aesthetics.Crimson and cornflower blue attune to a classic type more add graceful and vivid jacquard and light levels showed a strong modern breath.Luxurious cashmere and wool material USES pastels main tonal, the formation of hierarchy is tie-in, printed silk and dotted with colorful faux fur creates a vivid texture contrast.Costly material extremely gentle breath is tonal collocation, create a fashionable lady’s classic style.

Five kinds of insomnia food Don’t eat before sleeping

Can you have a good sleep at night, what to eat in the evening is very important.In huangdi neijing, which had “the stomach not lie unease”;Clinical nutrition experts also pointed out that one of the causes of sleep disorders, is to eat dinner in some “unfavorable” food.So, what to eat at night to sleep (sleep), and what kind of food can keep you up at night?
A lot of people know that foods containing caffeine stimulates the nervous system, but also has certain diuretic effect, is a common cause of insomnia.
Spicy food
In fact, in addition to this, dinner to eat spicy food also is the main reason that affect sleep.Chili, garlic (garlic), Onions, etc. Will cause a burning sensation in the stomach and indigestion, and then affect sleep.
Rich food
Greasy food to eat after the can aggravate the intestines, stomach, liver, gallbladder and pancreatic work burden, stimulate the nerve center, it has been in a working state, can also lead to insomnia.

The winter scarf of eight kinds of hip circumference method

Scarf is not indispensable sheet is tasted in winter is tie-in, in addition to keep warm, it can also promote modern degree, doesn’t let wear a monotonous, the following eight to recommend practical good winter scarf, teach you how to build a warm stylish dress up.
This scarf color low-key composed, is a joker color, not very exaggerated design, make the highlight of the whole paragraph, the design of the edge and tassel, personality and handsome.
Camouflage pattern scarf brings a sense of leisure and handsome, appear personality and fashion, the thick material wear very warm in winter, the soft material to bring the most intimate care, whether it is handsome and elegant coat jacket, can take out for good taste.
Plaid scarf is a classic style, quietly elegant is downy tonal appears very have feminine taste, match the color of camel’s hair cloth coat let elegant more upgrade, this is a very attractive?
Select all black modelling, the scarf can choose the brighter the color, here with the twist of a green wool scarf, appear warm and fashion, with the black coat beautiful temperament.

Spring 6 excellent green vegetable Season to eat a good figure

Millet live sea cucumber
Ingredients: 50 g millet, the sea cucumber 100 grams.
Seasonings: 250 ml chicken soup, salt.
1. After living sea cucumber for bowel to rinse, on boiler evaporate 40 minutes until soft rotten, cutting.
2. Wash, millet chicken broth boil into porridge.
3. Place them into the millet congee with sea cucumber, salt for 15 minutes.
The golden small coarse grains, since ancient times is the folk food choice, kidney tonifying qi.This combination but millet with sea cucumber, really got a fright.Sea cucumber contains rich proteins, amino acids, reduce the effect of cholesterol, triglyceride esters, fatty liver disease.The “rough” a “thin”, use chicken soup simmer very carefully, look let a person get away, entry is frightened, taste is long.This is entirely – low grade.

Nice afternoon tea 9 Tapas Spanish snacks

Both the east and the west, snacks are open represents the optimistic attitude to life, it does not need to sit, face plate, but always hang out in the corner, you smile.Inside the Tapas, we see a more liberal attitude to life.Any, along with the gender, one build what did not build, conveniently is food, can eat standing up, can by hand grasp to eat, all free.
The Spanish words, “Tapas” has become a worldwide loan word, whether in English or French, German or Japanese, it represents a semantic meaning of broader snack than itself.In fact, in the traditional Spanish, “Tapa” means “lid”, from which we can infer the origin of this kind of food, snack on the glass lid.
We see in the Tapas can almost all elements of the Mediterranean style, them baiwujinji collocation are together, how to match or even just on the basis of the cook the mood of the day.But no matter how, the Iberian ham, octopus, Madrid, Spain Fried eggs, stewed tripe and Barcelona chopped tomatoes, Fried bread small cuttlefish is one of the most worth tasting snacks.Mediterranean region snack has obvious Creole (Creole) style.The word in the Caribbean is suitable for food, race and language, the secret is to mix with fusion.
In Spain, “Tapas time” every day, people used to have lunch at 2 PM, and at eight o ‘clock in the evening after dinner, before the two meal time belong to Tapas.At random into a bar or restaurant, always write on the blackboard the most fresh Tapas.Even do Tapas restaurant, have a special area of thousands of square meters, with 150 to 300 of varieties of snacks.10:50 kinds of snacks is very common, and then, the waiter according to howling, that scene, inside, outside, small square, next to a table, a table so cheng jing, estimated that only a few years ago Beijing big eat small lobster GUI jie street scenes as rival.

Four kinds of secret efficacy Potatoes beauty thin body method

The potato is a grain food and vegetables.Before it is small thing, now it is favored by dieticians vegetables star, and is considered to be one of the world’s greatest food.Eating potatoes is not only can reduce weight and beauty effect.
Potatoes can reduce weight
Eating potatoes don’t have to worry about excess fat, because it only contains 0.1% of fat, is that all the fat content of the food is the lowest.Eat more potatoes, every day can reduce fat intake, can let the body metabolize excess fat gradually, eliminate your sting.Potato has a wonderful effect to human body.Lath lath can eat fat, fat people eat can become thin, “, often eat figure will become slim.
Think his figure is not ideal, as long as eat potatoes as a daily food in a period of time, don’t have to be suffering from the effects of the diet can get the result of “more greedy more beautiful”.Dieters, however, attention should be paid to the staple food is potatoes do not cook to eat.Every time eat medium-sized one.

Spent the summer eat these for salad vegetables

These vegetables contain nutrients such as vitamin C and B group, is vulnerable to the destruction of the processing and cooking, raw is conducive to the preservation of the nutrients.Raw measures include drinking homemade fresh vegetable juice, fresh vegetables salad or a new, can be appropriately add bit of vinegar, put some salt.However, not every kind of vegetables are suitable for direct raw food, some of the vegetables in boiling water for a best blanch to eat;Some vegetables must be cooked well done before eating.
The first category: cruciferous vegetables
Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, blanch the nutrient-rich vegetables after taste better, which is rich in cellulose and easier to digest.